Meet your Designer

Hello, my name is Ashley Gandawa (you can call me Ash) and I am a graphic designer. I love doing work that tells the story of great brands using equal parts art, craft and science. The primary focus of my work is maximising my clients’ visibility and setting them apart from their competitors in every way possible. Using my knowledge and experience in graphic design, web development and copy writing, I work with entrepreneurs to create unique, relatable and lovable brands that sit at the nexus of aesthetic pleasantry and strategic foresight.

Every project I take on lights me up creatively so you can be sure that however big or small, your project will have my full attention and will be completed with the greatest degree of my creative energy. If you would like to engage a graphic designer who thrives on seeing his work flourish in the world, get in touch and let’s have a conversation about your brand.


  • Corporate Identity Development 75%
  • Web Design and Development 65%
  • Publication Design 50%
  • Photography 60%
  • Copywriting 65%

Software and Platforms

  • HTML5 & CSS3 85%
  • JavaScript 50%
  • Wordpress 75%
  • Adobe Illustrator 60%
  • Adobe InDesign 50%
  • Adobe Photoshop 50%